Hi and welcome!! I hope you can find inspiration amongst the many pages and pictures to come and enjoy my future posts as much as I enjoy making and designing the products.

I’ve always been a yarny. My Nanna May and Momma both taught me to knit when I was super young, I taught myself to crochet afterwards and love making anything and literally EVERYTHING. Mix that with qualifications in textiles and dress making (thank you Miss Nolan) and the fact I had a fashion wheel as a child (if you grew up in the 80’s you know what I’m talking about!) and the result is me… a 30 something momma of 1 daughter who loves to design and produce all kinds of items.

I’m always open to suggestions so you can contact me anytime (if I manage to put my hook down I can reply quite timely!). I produce free patterns as well as downloadable PDF’s and take custom orders too. So peruse at your leisure, bookmark the site and check back often.