Tooth Fairy Door Hanger


Sorry for the short absence, I had to have yet another surgery but the positive of bed rest is being able to design. I’ve been asked a few times to write up the pattern for these cute tooth fairy hangers so I’ve finally done it. They sell really well and I can imagine them being a big hit at craft fairs too. They only take around an hour to make and materials are minimum so here goes, treat yourselves to another free pain med written pattern lol if you find any discrepancies then a) forgive me and b) please let me know so I can edit it!!

Turning chain counted as a stitch. When dc2tog at the beginning of the row it will be done between stitches 2 and 3. DC2 in same stitch is a dc increase.

5mm/H hook
Less than 1 skein of white worsted yarn
Small amount of black worsted yarn
Small amount of ribbon
Polyfil or similar stuffing.
Yarn needle for face, pocket and weaving in ends

CH – chain
SC – single crochet
DC – double crochet
DC2TOG – dc 2 together

Tooth *make 2*
Row 1. With white, ch18, dc in 3rd ch from hook to the end, ch2, turn (17)
Row 2-4. dc across, ch2, turn (17)
Row 5. dc2tog, dc next 12, dc2tog, ch2, turn (15)
Row 6. dc2tog, dc next 10, dc2tog, ch2, turn (13)
Row 7. dc in same space as chain, dc11, dc2 in same stitch, ch2, turn (15)
Row 8. (start of the first root) dc in same space as chain, dc5, ch2 turn (7)
Row 9. dc6, ch2, turn (7)
Row 10. dc6, fasten off.

Other Root
Count 2 chain spaces from the other root and attach white yarn.
Row 1. Ch2, dc in same chain space, dc5, ch2, turn (7)
Row 2. dc6, ch2, turn (7)
Row 3. dc6, fasten off.

Row 1. Ch9, dc in 3rd chain from hook and across to end, ch2 and turn (8)
Row 2-4. dc 7, ch2 and turn (8)
fasten off.


Now comes the fun part!! Put your 2 pieces together to figure out which is the inside and which is the outside. Stitch on a face to the outside of one side of one tooth and whip stitch the pocket onto the outside of the other piece. Attach your white yarn, ch1 and then single crochet evenly around the tooth leaving a small space, stuff your tooth making sure to push your stuffing into the roots and then carry on with your single crochets to close your project. Lastly, use your crochet hook to pull through a small amount of ribbon at the top of your tooth and knot, do this evenly on the other side to create your hanger and voila! You have yourself a tooth fairy hanger that saves you risking waking up your beautiful, sleeping, newly toothless bambinos while they slumber.

EDIT: The lovely Joanne Pilon Nish from Crochet Gate tried the pattern and discovered the spaces between the dc stitches in the pocket may be too big and a tiny tooth may fall through. I always used to wrap my daughters tooth in tissue but if you are having an issue with this maybe try the pocket in sc or hdc and adjust your rows/height (not the chain count) and let me know how you get on!!



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