Ruby Rose Garden

I have a small obsession with flowers and with roses in particular when it comes to crochet!! I’ve always loved seeing and creating flower afghans, for example the Babushka rose afghan BUT I’ve always found the roses a little flat. I wanted a totally 3D rose that really stood out, looked full and real…so I designed my own!! My original rose pattern was easy but figuring out where and how to attach the leaves without having too “bulk” on the underneath took a few tries, also the spacing of the leaves in conjunction with the border took a few frogs but I finally did it!! Presenting the RUBY ROSE GARDEN square!!


I’m totally in love with it!! I also made sure when writing the pattern up that it could fit into any square afghan so the instructions include a traditional granny square and a solid square for ease of attachment or fit into what ever you’re creating!!

I’m in the middle of a granny square version now, here’s my progress so far, I love the coral…


And next will be an afghan solely of the squares but with different color roses. Perfect for spring, perfect for summer, I’m one happy hooker!! Lol.

Pattern can be purchased here; for just $3.50 and features a ton of photos, its been tested twice but feel free to ask if there’s anything you don’t understand. And I cant wait to see your finished products!

Edited to say it’s been tested 6 times now but I’m always around for any questions 🙂





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