Ruby Rose Garden Blanket

P1070077 (2)The process of designing something yourself is not an easy one. For me, it starts with a picture in your head, you then have to figure out how to make that picture into a crocheted reality. So next comes the designing, the putting together and pulling apart, “that part doesn’t sit right, this side needs more chains/stitches/layers/tension, but if I change that I’ll also have to change this”. The process is long and arduous. But guess what? You’ve done it, you’ve designed it, you’re over the moon…and then you look at your notes… So now you have to make those notes (pages of scribbled out and rewritten shorthand) into understandable instructions. And then take pictures of every stage. And then write it up on a computer, resize and adjust the pictures, write the instructions row for row, round for round, check them, check them again, convert it to PDF etc etc …but you’re not done there. Now you need testers to make sure your pattern is read-able, do-able, that there are no errors. In short, this whole process takes a long time and is a labor of love. That’s why I’m so proud of this one.

The Ruby Rose Square has been just that, a labor of love. . I made the square using worsted weight yarn and as per the pattern used a 5.5mm hook.

For this little blanket I joined the squares with a simple single crochet joining method and then added a block stitch border (all links provided below)

I cant wait to try more ideas I have out with this little square,Β some cushion covers are a must and I’ve gone as far as dreaming up a white shawl with these squares so the future looks very “rosy” at the moment. Hope you enjoy it!! (better pics coming tomorrow, I was just far too excited to say I’ve finally finished this yay!!)

P1070083 (2)






      1. I’m the same. I have a shawl that I’ll throw on if I’m a bit chilly here in the house, but I don’t use it when I’m out and about. It will be such a lovely gift for someone!! πŸ˜€

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