Month: March 2017

Ruby Rose Garden

I have a small obsession with flowers and with roses in particular when it comes to crochet!! I’ve always loved seeing and creating flower afghans, for example the Babushka rose afghan BUT I’ve always found the roses a little flat. I wanted a totally 3D rose that really stood out, looked full and real…so I designed my own!! My original rose pattern was easy but figuring out where and how to attach the leaves without having too “bulk” on the underneath took a few tries, also the spacing of the leaves in conjunction with the border took a few frogs but I finally did it!! Presenting the RUBY ROSE GARDEN square!!


I’m totally in love with it!! I also made sure when writing the pattern up that it could fit into any square afghan so the instructions include a traditional granny square and a solid square for ease of attachment or fit into what ever you’re creating!!

I’m in the middle of a granny square version now, here’s my progress so far, I love the coral…


And next will be an afghan solely of the squares but with different color roses. Perfect for spring, perfect for summer, I’m one happy hooker!! Lol.

Pattern can be purchased here; for just $3.50 and features a ton of photos, its been tested twice but feel free to ask if there’s anything you don’t understand. And I cant wait to see your finished products!

Edited to say it’s been tested 6 times now but I’m always around for any questions 🙂




Chewy Cats Bumblebee Outfit

Yes, I know I know, crazy cat lady!!! But I couldn’t resist…here’s the pics and pattern!!

5mm/H hook
Less than 1 skein of yellow, black and white worsted yarn.
One 2cm button

CH – chain
SC – single crochet
DC – double crochet
FPO – front post only
BPO – back post only
SL ST – slip stitch
DC2TOG – dc 2 together
** – repeat between asterisks for required amount



With yellow ch47, sl st to first chain.
Rd1. Ch2, dc in every chain, join with sl st to beginning ch2 (46)
Rd2. Ch2, *fpo dc in next, bpo dc in next* to end, join with sl st to beginning ch2 (46)
Rd3. Ch2, *fpo dc in next, bpo dc in next* to end, join with sl st to beginning ch2 (46)
Rd4. Ch2, dc around, join with sl st to beginning ch2 (46)
Rd5. Ch2, dc around, join with sl st to beginning ch2, fasten off (46)
Rd6. With black, count 7 stitches from seam where you fastened off and attach, ch2, dc31, ch2 and turn (32)
Rd7. Dc 31, fasten off (32)
Rd8. Attach yellow, ch2, dc 31, ch2 and turn (32)
Rd9. Dc 31, fasten off (32)
Rd10. Attach black, ch2, dc 31, ch2 and turn (32)
Rd11. Dc31, fasten off (32)
Rd12. Attach yellow, ch2, dc 31, ch22, turn
Rd13. Dc in 3rd chain from hook and across (52)
Rd14. Attach black, ch2, dc 31, ch2 and turn (32)
Rd15. Dc31, fasten off (32)
Rd16. Attach yellow, ch2, dc 31, ch2 and turn (32)
Rd17. Dc 31, fasten off (32)
Rd18. Attach black, ch2, dc 31, ch2 and turn (32)
Rd19. Dc31, fasten off (32)
Rd20. Attach yellow, ch2, dc 31, ch2 and turn (32)
Rd21. Dc 31, fasten off (32)

If you want it longer just keep adding rows! 😁

Wings (make 2)
With white, ch6
Row1. Dc across, ch2 and turn (5)
Row2. Dc in same space as chain, dc across, dc2 in last space, ch2 and turn (7)
Row3. Dc in same space as chain, dc across, ch2 turn (8)
Row4. Dc across, ch2 and turn (8)
Row5. Dc2tog 3 times, dc in last space, ch2 and turn (5)
Row6. Dc2tog 2 times, (3) Ch1, sc evenly around the perimeter of the wing. Fasten off.



Attach the wings in the middle of the back, weave in all tails, sew button on the end of the long dc row from rd13 of the body. No button hole is needed as the button fastens through the dc’s of the other side of the body allowing you to tighten if necessary. And voila! You have yourself a cutesy little pet bumble bee outfit.

chewy bee


Pattern created, designed and produced by RUBY VICTORIA. You may use this pattern to make and sell items but please do not distribute or claim or reprint it as your own. You may share this pattern by linking to this page only.


Ellie Hat and Bootie Set

Ellie hat and bootie set

Ellie hat and boot set



I’m having a bit of a reminisce today and thought I’d share with you one of the very first patterns I created and still make to this day. Here is the Ellie Hat and Bootie Set.

This was a knit/crochet mix that came to me whilst in hospital one time!! I love the look (and stability) of knitted booties BUT I never liked the traditional roll over top, Plus I’ve always preferred crocheted hats and embellishments, so a mix was made!!

I do have the pattern for these boots but haven’t written it up on the computer but if anyone wants it I can do so. It was a fun little project though and the recipients have loved them. So just like my tulle and crochet mix dresses, this verifies further that I like to mix it up…who knows what could be next!!



Spring Daisy Square



With all this snow lately (whats with that in March??) I needed some spring in my life so when a friend of a friend was looking for a colorful baby blanket for her friend who is due soon AND has decorated her nursery in daisies, I knew right where to go…to Tillie Tulip.

Although the pattern is spread out over several of her pages (the daisy on one, the granny squaring on the other) its easy to find and easy to follow. I whipped up this colorful spring version in a few days (its 4×4 squares, big enough for a crib, and then border, joined with a flat slip stitch). I hope the lady loves it as its one of my favs and the colors work really well together. Enjoy!!



You can find the pattern for the blanket here but don’t forget its in stages so start with the daisy, work your way out and follow the links. Good luck!!

Alexia Rose Blanket

P1060962Being chronically ill does have it perks believe it or not. One of them is being able to make beautiful eye appeasing creations from the comfort of your sofa, even when you’re jacked up on painkillers!! There’s been some darkness in my life and the last few years especially have been a struggle but I find comfort in being able to make nice things for nice people and since you’re reading this you’re obviously a nice person too so have a free baby blanket pattern on me!!

This is the Alexia Rose blanket. Its simple and beautiful. You can use any contrasting color, I chose lilac for this one. I’ll get some better pics too since I have FINALLY found my “good camera” charger. But here’s a phone pic so you get the idea.

alexia rose


5.5mm or I Hook
Medium 4 yarn
US Crochet Terms
Stitches used; Chain (ch), Single crochet (sc), Half double crochet (hdc), Double crochet (dc), skip a chain (sk)

I made this as a stroller blanket so its only 25″ wide, for a wider blanket just chain to your desired length (make sure its an odd number for the turning chain) as its really easy to modify to your width/length.


Row 1. Ch81 or your desired width and hdc into 3rd chain from hook (counts as your first hdc). *ch1, sk1ch, hdc* to the end of the foundation chain. Ch2 and turn.

Row 2. hdc in first chain space (chsp), *ch1, sk1ch, hdc* to the last 2 hdcs on the row and chain between them. Ch2 and turn.

Repeat to desired length.


Rd1. ch1, SC evenly around in the same color as your blanket adding 2 chains in each corner.

Rd2. Change to contrasting color. ch1, sc evenly around adding 2 chains in each corner.

Rd3. Change back to original blanket color. ch1, *sc, ch3, sk2ch,sc*

Rd4. This round is all done on the chain arches made in the previous round. Ch2, Dc, ch3, 2Dc on the first arch and 2dc, ch3, 2dc on each arch around. I put 3 dc 3ch 3dc  on any corner arches.



You don’t have to add anything to it but if you do then you can apply any applique you like, I liked the contrast of the rose with an extra sc of a contrasting color and as I’m obsessed with headbands I made a little one to match too. 16830863_972989192802081_2807034143351208634_n

I hope this makes sense as I’ve had no one proof this pattern for me and I was on super strong pain meds so as you can imagine, my notebook resembled a 2year olds doodles BUT I am on hand to help out with anything I can and once you get going you can work out how the pattern goes.




Pattern created, designed and produced by RUBY VICTORIA. You may use this pattern to make and sell items but please do not claim or reprint it as your own. Please feel free to share this pattern by linking to this page only.