Ellie Hat and Bootie Set

Ellie hat and bootie set

Ellie hat and boot set



I’m having a bit of a reminisce today and thought I’d share with you one of the very first patterns I created and still make to this day. Here is the Ellie Hat and Bootie Set.

This was a knit/crochet mix that came to me whilst in hospital one time!! I love the look (and stability) of knitted booties BUT I never liked the traditional roll over top, Plus I’ve always preferred crocheted hats and embellishments, so a mix was made!!

I do have the pattern for these boots but haven’t written it up on the computer but if anyone wants it I can do so. It was a fun little project though and the recipients have loved them. So just like my tulle and crochet mix dresses, this verifies further that I like to mix it up…who knows what could be next!!




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