Spring Daisy Square



With all this snow lately (whats with that in March??) I needed some spring in my life so when a friend of a friend was looking for a colorful baby blanket for her friend who is due soon AND has decorated her nursery in daisies, I knew right where to go…to Tillie Tulip.

Although the pattern is spread out over several of her pages (the daisy on one, the granny squaring on the other) its easy to find and easy to follow. I whipped up this colorful spring version in a few days (its 4×4 squares, big enough for a crib,ย and then border, joined with a flat slip stitch). I hope the lady loves it as its one of my favs and the colors work really well together. Enjoy!!



You can find the pattern for the blanket here http://tillietulip.blogspot.com/2012/06/to-beg-chain-ch-5-and-join-to-form.html but don’t forget its in stages so start with the daisy, work your way out and follow the links. Good luck!!



  1. Did you also use an “I” hook like Tillie Tulip did? Could you explain what you mean by a flat slip stitch and how you used It? Do you have a favorite pattern you use for your headband? I made your Alexia Rose blanket, I ran out of the cream colored yarn I was using after the first sc border row so I switched to white and used that for the arches and last round of the border-it’s really cute! Is that blanket 25″ before or after the border?
    Thanks for everything!


  2. I’m thinking the flat slip stitching is the white between the squares? How did you join the sqU ares? Thanks!


  3. Okay, I think the flat slip stitch is the join and then you did the border. When you did the 2 dc, ch 2 border did you skip 2 stitches in between? How did you work the corners? I had the same colors you did and I want to finish this but I don’t want to take the time to weave in my ends this is so cute!


    1. Yes hunny, skip 2 stitches and that’s what leaves the spaces in the border. The corners I didn’t skip the 2 stitches, I still chained 2 but used the next stitch for a fan effect and so the corners didn’t curl. And yep the flat slip stitch you use to join the squares first and then border the whole blanket. Hope this helps!


  4. Thank you so much for answering my questions! Do you think the flat slip stitch join holds together Well? Just messing around to see if I could figure it out mine seemed kind of loose. I hope you’re feeling better SOON!


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